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Louise was lucky enough to be interviewed on her new staff incentive scheme –, for the Sunday Times on the 3rd of March 2016.

Staff incentive benefits are crystal clear

Motivating existing employees and recruiting new ones has become a real art, writes Sandra O’Connell

Ms. Lonergan says companies ‘want to reward the people they have and generally put a bit of buzz back into the workplace’ 

An increasingly tight labour market is providing Louise Lonergan with opportunities for business growth. Lonergan Corporate Gifts, was set up in 1998 to provide “length of service” and “safety record” awards for the employees of large companies. A chance request by a multinational client in 2015 prompted her to develop a new line of business.

“We were asked to set up an incentive scheme whereby all its 3,000 employees could get points that allowed them to log on to our site and choose from a variety of gifts — from luggage to electronic goods and jewellery — which we then delivered to all 3,000 homes,” said Lonergan.

The result was, a new dedicated online staff-incentive gift scheme. The website does not formally launch until April 4, yet customers are already lining up. “Because there were so many redundancies, companies didn’t want to be seen as spending money on incentives,” she said.

“Now things have changed and employers are keen to show appreciation. They want to reward the people they have and generally put a bit of buzz back into the workplace.”

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