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Welcome to, Human Resource Gift Recognition Solution of Lonergan Corporate Gifts LTD. is points based employee incentive programme, specifically designed to create a buzz in any organisation, motivate staff, increase productivity and improve the bottom line, Our close knit team and years of experience can help you get the most out of your people by rewarding and recognising their loyalty and performance, while allowing you to track the results and monitor costs without impacting on management time.

1. Reward & Recognition: You decide on what it is you need to motivate. You reward your employees with points for achieving the defined targets. Once an employee has collected enough points they login to their managed account on and redeem their points for a gift of their choice at

2. Service Awards. You decide the budget and we roll out the landing page and the services to your staff.

3. Small Tax Free small benefit vouchers for your staff. These gifts can be ordered online and delivered to staff thus keeping the greater reward for the company. Cash and vouchers re easily lost or swallowed up on bills while a gift will be more memorable and effective.

Points based incentive schemes have many advantages over cash bonuses and companies can also spread the benefit of the €500 tax-free Small Benefit Exemption Scheme over the whole year by using a points based incentive scheme.

An article in Adiona Magazine illustrated the strengths of gifts over cash:

1. According to Towers Watson, companies with noncash rewards and incentive programmes had revenues that were 6.6% greater than those that did not.

2. 90% of business leaders believe that an engagement strategy could help their business, yet only 25% of them actually have a programme in place.

3. 77% of staff work harder when they feel better recognised.

4. Retaining staff and recruitment is helped by using gifts to recognise hard work.

5. Recognising hard work drives efficiency and success and helps to spread goodwill around the company.

        • Source: Making it Personal, Adiona Magazine, Issue 7 – April 2016, page 22-24.

All the hard work has been taken out of the process do all the administration work as well as gift fulfilment.

Please contact Louise at + 353 (0)86 821 8366 or at [email protected].

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